Carbon Clean to build carbon capture plant for NTPC

NTPC India power project

Carbon Clean, a leader in cost-effective carbon dioxide capture and separation technology, has won a deal from Green Power International to build a carbon capture plant with NTPC. When operational, the plant will capture 20 tonnes of CO2 a day.

NETRA, the R&D wing of NTPC, is setting up a CO2 to Methanol demonstration plant at NTPC Vindhyachal, India. Carbon Clean’s technology will be used to capture 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per day.

The carbon capture solution will be installed in the plant’s flue gas stack and capture CO₂ as it is emitted from the coal-fired boiler. Carbon Clean will work with Green Power International, who won the contract from NTPC.

NTPC, India’s largest power utility provider, has embarked on a path to capture CO2 from waste flue gas and convert it into valuable products such as liquid fuel, organic and inorganic chemicals, among others.

NTPC is engaged in various carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) projects, implementing technology that not only captures carbon but converts it into a valuable resource. The latest project with Carbon Clean is an example of how NTPC is positively contributing to the circular carbon economy.