Maltha Glass to upgrade recycling site in Netherlands

photo breda-en-alles-daaromheen

Maltha Glass recycling, a subsidiary of the Van Gansewinkel is upgrading its largest recycling site in Heijningen at Netherlands.

The new factory will facilitate to increase the amount of raw material it recovers from waste glass by 11 percent, improving the quality of the recycled cullet.

Over € 4.5 million will be invested for replacing all sorting and separation machinery at the factory with new technologies and machines.

Maltha glass recycling company specializes in recycling glass waste and processing it to manufacture new raw materials for the glass and glass wool industry.

Around one million tons of glass waste is processed every year in the facility.

photo breda-en-alles-daaromheen
photo breda-en-alles-daaromheen

The conversion work will begin in March 2015 and will be completed in several months.

Glass cullet is the raw material for new glass manufacturing and using it in the furnace needs comparatively less energy, significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of the glass furnaces.

The facility will also incorporate a drying step into the process to enhance the quality of end product even further.

Besides, the new plant will add one more sorting step to remove CSP (ceramic, stone and porcelain) contamination even more effectively.

Further, the new machines will be able to recognize leaded glass and heat-resistant glass such as Pyrex.

The renovated process will ensure that the glass is refined from up to 10 kilos of stony contaminants per ton of waste glass to a maximum of just 25 grams per ton (1000 kg) of clean cullet.

The new factory is a response to the increasingly poor quality of the glass collected and the increasingly stringent requirements imposed on recyclers by the glass industry.

Sabeena Wahid