GEM Enviro appointed as consultant for Ganesha Ecosphere


Gem Enviro Management, a company engaged in recycling of all kinds of packaging waste and marketing / promotion of recycled products, has been appointed as a consultant and execution partner of Ganesha Ecosphere, the largest PET recycling company in India.

Ganesha Ecosphere has 25 percent market share, primarily engaged in the production of Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF) from waste PET bottles. GESL recycles more than 4.4 billion bottles annually, a statement from the company said.

GEM Enviro will promote Ganesha Ecosphere’s recycled polyester fiber and yarn and help the company in its branding and marketing endeavors. GEM is amongst the few companies in India that work in the space of PET recycling and sustainability.

The new branding exercise is in line with the strategy of positioning the product as a premium product and at par with virgin fibers. It will also enable the company to earn better realizations thereby reducing the gap between realizations of recycled and virgin fiber.

GEM Enviro will also assist Ganesha Ecosphere in strengthening the raw materials supply chain or logistics by creating a strong infrastructure in terms of PET bottles collection directly from the source, leading to dedicated sourcing with better quality raw materials and lower cost of procurement.

Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber is used extensively for making soft toys, cushions, blankets, carpets etc because of the softer nature of the material. It is also fast replacing other conventionally popular materials such as foam, rexin and coir because of its hygiene, wash-ability, light-weight and use-friendly characteristics.

Commenting on the association, Sachin Sharma, director, GEM Enviro Management, said, “We strongly welcome this move by Ganesha Ecosphere to sell its recycled products under its brand name and we are fully committed to support the initiative through our knowledge and expertise in branding and marketing domains.”

“Once the market demand for recycled products increases, manufacturers will be forced to make more such recycled products and collectors, in turn will be more motivated to collect more products like PET for recycling, thereby reducing landfills and conserving the environment in the long run,” he added.

Rajani Baburajan