WI Environmental signs deals in China and Europe


WI Environmental signs deals in China and Europe

WI Environmental has signed distribution agreements with
Navic AB for Europe and Shenzhen Waste Management for China.

The orders are for WI Environmental’s XR-88 for a period
of three to five years. XR-88 remediates heavy metals and poisons; permanently
turning them inert and benign and requiring no hazardous waste disposal like
other products.

“We are very pleased with our initial agreements and
are expanding at a rapid pace since moving our operations from Seattle to
Hawaii. We would like to thank Hawaii State Representative Jerry Chang and the
U.S. Foreign and Commercial Services for all their help,” said Timothy
Wandell president of WI Environmental

The Chinese government announced they will be spending
$11.41 billion in the next 5 years on remediating heavy metals. To date XR-88
is the only government approved product.

XR-88 has been tested for over seven years in both the
U.S. and China and has passed and exceeded all U.S. EPA regulations and China
National Standards. XR-88 has passed the U.S. EPA TCLP test for leachability.
It achieved this with many contaminants including hexavalent chromium which has
been recently reported in coal ash and other manufacturing processes and is a
known cancer causing pollutant.

By Greentechlead.com Team