Smappee energy monitor wins CES 2018 Innovation Awards

Smappee, a developer of smart energy monitoring solutions, announced it has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for its latest energy monitor and home energy traffic controller, Smappee Plus.

Smappee Plus measures real-time energy use from household appliances, offering valuable insights into a homeowner’s energy use and production.

Consumers are able to see how much energy a device uses and its daily, monthly or annual energy costs. Consequentially, owners can make informed decisions on their energy consumption and act to save on energy costs and efficiency.

Smappee Plus can be programmed to create an “energy traffic controller” in the home. The product can automatically steer excess energy production, such as solar power, to appliances in order of preference, further increasing a homeowner’s energy efficiency and cost savings.

The system also offers numerous choices to automate certain actions, for example: when you are simultaneously charging your EV and starting to cook on an electric stove, Smappee Plus will control and diminish the power that goes to your car until you’ve finished cooking to avoid your fuses from blowing. Afterwards, the car will receive more power again.

The Smappee Plus is compatible with smart Comfort Plugs and various IoT platforms such as Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Stringify and more, which allows the homeowner to automate activities or control appliances from a distance. It’s also the first energy monitoring system to be integrated with the crypto currency, SolarCoin, the company said.

Rajani Baburajan