CODA Automotive unveils zero-emission CODA sedan


CODA Automotive unveils zero-emission CODA sedan


By GreenTech Lead Team: CODA Automotive, a developer of
all-electric vehicles, launched the zero-emission CODA sedan with two mileage
range and price options.

The new 31kWh battery option will provide a driving range
of up to 125 miles and will be available at a lower base MSRP of $37,250.
Federal and individual state tax savings and credits may bring the price down
to $22,250. After federal tax savings, the base price will
be $29,750, and will qualify for additional state tax credits, including a
maximum of$2,500 in California and up to $7,500 in 12
other states.

Original model, offering up to a 150-mile range, comes
with a MSRP of $39,900

“Research shows that the high cost of today’s
alternative fuel technologies is one of the largest barriers that keep the
average driver from purchasing an electric vehicle. Our continuous dedication
to identifying affordable solutions and passing the savings on to our customers
aligns with our mission of putting an electric vehicle into every garage,”
said Phil
Murtaugh, CEO, CODA Holdings.  

The new 2012 CODA sedan is the first all-electric
five-passenger with full rear seating and trunk space. The company anticipates
this model will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in 2012.

The CODA sedan’s 31kWh battery option provides real,
useful driving range up to 125 miles, nearly four times the average daily commute.
A 6.6kW onboard charger provides an unbeatable charging speed, providing a
100-mile charge in as few as four hours.

CODA used
active air thermal management system to heat or cool the battery to maintain
battery integrity and consistent driving range in extreme temperatures and
efficient Lithium-iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery pack offers a10-year,
100,000-mile battery warranty.

The new mileage range option offers CODA’s industry
leading battery technology with the best range per dollar of any electric
vehicle on the market.

CODA recently announced  its
intention to make Del Grande Dealer Group (DGDG) its first dealer partner in
Northern California when it initiates consumer sales of its CODA 2012 sedan.