Climate change summit November 30

Canada, US, Mexico to cooperate on climate change

Canada, the US and Mexico signed a deal in Winnipeg, Canada, on Friday to tap into energy cooperation among the three countries, National Resources...

Nottingham achieves climate change targets well in advance

As per the central government statistics available, Nottingham City Council has smashed its climate change targets four years early. The data shows a 33 percent reduction in...
Solar in Nepal

COP26 Summit: Most vulnerable countries leading climate response

A report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ahead of the upcoming COP26 climate negotiations reveals that while 93 percent of Least developed...
Clean energy grid India

Govts to spend 2% of their budget on clean energy measures: IEA

Governments are spending about 2 percent of their budget on clean energy measures, according to new analysis from the International Energy Agency. Current government plans...
Responsible mining

Six best practices for mining companies

The question whether development should suffer for the environment or vice versa has been a topic of heated debate among industrialists and environmentalists for...
COP24 summit in Poland

World Bank announces $200 bn investment for climate action

The World Bank on Monday announce $200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25, doubling its current five-year funding, PTI reported. Developed countries aim to...
minister prakash javadekar

India could raise WTO ruling at UN while signing COP 21 deal

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, who will be leaving for New York to ratify the Paris 'COP 21 Global Climate Agreement', on Tuesday hinted that...
Apple HQ

Apple says its 175 suppliers to use clean energy

Apple said 175 of its suppliers have committed to use clean energy for the work they do for the iPhone maker, helping to bring...

Reduced green cover proposal makes Agra activists see red

Environmentalists are up in arms against the Uttar Pradesh government's proposal to reduce the forest area around the Sur Sarovar or Keetham Lake -...
image from en C2

India urges UN to focus equally on pre-2020 efforts to tackle climate change

India has pointed out to UN climate change body regarding the needs of a global agreement that will take care of enhanced efforts to...




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