carbon emission (courtesy:earthtimes)

Higher carbon footprint linked to urbanisation, rurban areas

India's transitional or rurban zones, the rural pockets that are being transformed into urban ones, have a higher carbon footprint than rural pockets, say...
Paris Climate summit November 30

Paris climate deal: Song of a dying swan?

The singular credit for conceiving and championing the Nuclear Security Summits unarguably goes to US President Barack Obama. In 2009, he called nuclear terrorism...
Climate change summit November 30

Trump impact: World counts on US’ moral obligation at COP22

As the way has been cleared for Republican Donald Trump to become the next US President, delegates attending the COP22 here are counting on...
NGOs protest at CoP21 in Paris

CoP21: Moderate expectations, low chance of major agreement

As negotiations at the climate change conference went into the second day of the high-level segment, the chances of a strong agreement emerging appear...
US emissions from energy

US emission rises but not with economic growth

The United States appears to be slowing down its pollution juggernaut although the energy-related carbon dioxide emissions of the country have shown an increase...

NASA mission to track climate change through soil data

US space agency NASA has launched a satellite that will provide scientists with tools to forecast weather and track global climate variations. The NASA mission...
Sixth mass extinction

Study: New extinction phase under way, humans likely primary casualties

As biodiversity loses out to a host of man-made interferences, human beings stand among the first species that face extinction. Science Advances journal has carried a study...
Climate change Paris

Paris Climate agreement to take effect in 30 days: UN

The Paris Agreement on climate change is expected to enter into force in 30 days after it crossed "the second and final threshold" needed...

Nottingham achieves climate change targets well in advance

As per the central government statistics available, Nottingham City Council has smashed its climate change targets four years early. The data shows a 33 percent reduction in...

New policies required to address environmental impacts: UNEP

With around 40 percent of resource extraction and use linked to world trade, new policies are required to address environmental impacts, according to United...




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