American Business Act on Climate Pledge

Over 80 firms commit to American Business Act on Climate Pledge

More than 80 companies have joined the American Business Act on Climate Pledge to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to sustainability. Companies like Schneider Electric, Cox...
global warming

Global warming could sink large parts of Kochi: Scientists

Within 100 years, rising sea levels caused by global warming could submerge large swathes of coastal land in Kochi, Kerala's second most populous city,...

Qinous supplies 200 kW lithium ion battery to ensure clear energy

Berlin-based company Qinous has supplied 200 kW lithium ion battery system to ensure clear energy at Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti. Following the deployment, Albert...

Developed world can’t backtrack on Paris agreement, say BASIC countries

Uncertain of what the near future beholds in terms of financial curtailing if new US administration keeps its words and rolls back on climate...
Greenhouse gas emission

Greenhouse gas concentrations hit record high

The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a new record high in 2014, according to a new report released by the World...
China flag

Made in China goods bad for environment

Products made in China may cost you less but they are associated with significantly higher carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than the same products made...

Green technologies can save airlines $250 billions

A new green-related technologies developed and refined by NASA’s aeronautics researchers during the past six years can help commercial airlines save more than $250...
Carbon Emissions

German government announces further cut in emissions

The German federal government approved a climate action package Wednesday to cut more carbon emissions in a bid to meet its previously pledged climate...

World Bank study pegs India’s energy efficiency market at $23.6 bn

A World Bank study title, ‘Utility Scale DSM Opportunities and Business Models in India,’ has pegged India’s energy efficiency market at Rs. 1.6 Lakh...
ENER-G new ultra-low NOx CHP system c

ENER-G ultra-low NOx CHP range promises 5 fold reduction in emission

ENER-G has launched a new range of 'ultra-low' NOx Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems (50kWe to 230kWe) which promises a five-fold reduction in emissions. The technology...




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