Science Express Climate Action Special in Delhi

Climate change boards train to sensitize people

Ahead of the global environment summit in Paris, India on Thursday flagged off a train that would travel about 19,500 km across 20 states...

Qinous supplies 200 kW lithium ion battery to ensure clear energy

Berlin-based company Qinous has supplied 200 kW lithium ion battery system to ensure clear energy at Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti. Following the deployment, Albert...
Carbon Emissions

India refuses time limit to cap greenhouse gas emissions

Reports from the UN climate meet in Lima say India has refused to accept a time limit for capping greenhouse gas emissions. This is...

Reduced green cover proposal makes Agra activists see red

Environmentalists are up in arms against the Uttar Pradesh government's proposal to reduce the forest area around the Sur Sarovar or Keetham Lake -...

Govt spreads safety net to mitigate effects of failed monsoon

Indian farmers can expect some solace if the monsoon fails as forecast for this year. The government announced on Saturday that it will supply...
sustainable innovations

Sustainable Innovations turns CO2 to fuel with energy storage option

Sustainable Innovations announced it is developing an electrochemical system that addresses multiple challenges and opportunities in the energy supply marketplace. The CO2RENEW converts waste CO2 and...
Antarctica ice shslf

Burning all fossil fuel in world can melt South Pole ice sheet

Burning the entire deposit of fossil fuels in the world — about 10,000 gigatons — would melt ice covering the South Pole entirely. And...

TERI to set up facility to develop mycorrhizae for sustainable agriculture

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has set up the world's biggest facility for producing mycorrhizae. The facility will explore the potential in developing mycorrhizae...

Obama orders 40 pc emissions cut by 2025

US President Barack Obama has signed an executive order for 40 percent emissions cut by the federal government by 2025. The order also includes a...
Obama on clean power plan

Will India follow America’s latest clean power plan

President Barack Obama unveiled a plan to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants citing how global climate changes were affecting the world with more...




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