Obama to settle climate change agreement with India next week?

During the Obama visit, United States is expected to announce fund and resources for the technology and infrastructure development of renewable energy portfolio in...

This World Environment Day, make an effort to reconnect with nature

Abha and Sanjeev Singh are a well-off couple living with all the luxuries and comfort. Still, there is a feeling of something amiss. And...

COP22: Global Peatlands Initiative launched to protect peatlands

At UN’s COP22 in Marrakech, the Global Peatlands Initiative was launched with an aim to mobilize governments, international organizations and academia in a targeted...

World Bank study pegs India’s energy efficiency market at $23.6 bn

A World Bank study title, ‘Utility Scale DSM Opportunities and Business Models in India,’ has pegged India’s energy efficiency market at Rs. 1.6 Lakh...
Narendra Modi meeting US President Barack Obama in New York

India’s leadership on climate change critical, says Obama

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama have renewed their resolve to together meet the twin challenges of terrorism and climate change, with...
US emissions from energy

US emission rises but not with economic growth

The United States appears to be slowing down its pollution juggernaut although the energy-related carbon dioxide emissions of the country have shown an increase...
US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump to eliminate Obama’s Climate Action Plan

Shortly after US President Donald Trump was sworn into office on Friday, the newly updated White House website said the new administration will eliminate...
PM Modi at UN

Climate change agreement could make India a world leader

The conclusion of the Climate Change Summit will offer India an opportunity to position itself as the leader of the developing world. If, however,...
Sixth mass extinction

Study: New extinction phase under way, humans likely primary casualties

As biodiversity loses out to a host of man-made interferences, human beings stand among the first species that face extinction. Science Advances journal has carried a study...
Climate change summit November 30

UN welcomes India-US commitment to climate deal

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the commitment of India and the United States to Paris Agreement on Climate Change and their mission...




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