SheerWind tests new three-turbine series with Invelox wind concentrator

Photo Courtesy Pennenergy

SheerWind has developed a new funnel technology for operating wind turbines with the INVELOX wind-power generation system.

On integrating INVELOX with three wind turbines in a row, it increases electrical power output for a single tower.

The INVELOX system is a large funnel that can capture, concentrate and speed up the wind and then efficiently send to turbines located at ground level.

INVELOX technology provides high-performance, cost-efficient wind energy while reducing carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Photo Courtesy Pennenergy
Photo Courtesy Pennenergy

Compared to a single turbine, three turbines placed in a series of an INVELOX system produces additional 120 percent power, at minimum added cost of turbine-generators.

In addition, there are various benefits of multiple turbines in single tower including, gain in output without increasing footprint and offering upgradability to meet increase in power demands.

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Further, the operational downtime will be nearly zero with this technology, as maintenance can be done on one turbine while the others continue producing energy.

The maintenance cost and failure can be reduced to a great extent, with an INVELOX capacity factor at 60–90 percent of range and turbines installed at ground level, close to the end user.


Moreover, the increased capacity allows production in areas previously limited by low wind speed, size or land constraints.

By integrating unique wind technology with traditional wind delivery system, INVELOX can address the intermittency and size issues, producing efficient wind generation machines.

In October, SheerWind conducted a preliminary assessment to determine the power capacity of INVELOX system for a Midwest food processing plant.

Following the assessment phase, SheerWind decided to propose a 15 to 25 MW INVELOX wind-power plant installation at the facility.

The concept of INVELOX system was introduced for the first time in July, after a series of powerful field tests.

Sabeena Wahid