More than 40% of total installed power capacity in Tamil Nadu comes from Wind

Greentech Lead India: The present wind power installed capacity in the country is 19051 MW, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) said.

Wind contributes a greater share of power in Tamil Nadu. A total of 7162 MW wind power projects have been installed in Tamil Nadu which is around 40.8% of total installed power capacity in Tamil Nadu of 17540 MW.

The total nuclear power installed capacity in India is 4780 MW. Nuclear power projects have generated 13.72 Billion units of electricity during April-August, 2012, whereas wind power projects have generated 18.91 Billion units of electricity during the corresponding period.

Depending upon functionality of different type of power plants, the wind energy contribution in terms of generation during peak windy season in Tamil Nadu is around 30 percent.

On account of non-availability of state policies to promote wind power development, transportation problems and gusty nature of winds, as per information available with Ministry, there is no proposal for installation of wind power projects in Lakshadweep.

According to MNRD, wind energy constitutes 9 percent of total installed power capacity in India.

The Government has also increased its target of wind power capacity addition during the Twelfth Five Year Plan to 15000 MW from its previous target of 9000 MW during the Eleventh Five Year Plan.

The target for wind power capacity addition during 2012-13 has been set at 2500 MW.

Considering the growing renewable energy adoption in Tamil Nadu, the MNRE has been supporting Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) for the development of renewable energy in the State.

Under this initiative, in Tamil Nadu, 7162 MW of wind power, 547 MW of Bio- power, 123 MW small hydro and 17 MW solar power projects have been setup. This apart, about 37.2 MW off-grid renewable energy systems have been also installed.

The Ministry is extending both technical as well as financial support for the implementation of various schemes of wind, solar, bio-energy and small hydro.

Apart from support for R&D programs in academic institutions, a dedicated center for wind energy technology has been setup in Tamil Nadu. The Ministry has released an amount of Rs.153.46 crore during the last 5 year under its various programs in the States of Tamil Nadu.