Juhl Energy to develop $5.5 Million Wind Energy Project at Tooele Army Depot

Juhl Energy, provider of clean energy solutions and community wind power, has received a $5.5 million contract from US Army Corps of Engineers, for the construction and installation of a 1.5 – 2 MW wind turbine at the Tooele Army Depot, Utah.

Juhl Energy will be in charge of the lead design and installation, assisted by Aegis Renewable Energy and Icenogle Construction Management.

The Tooele Army Depot Wind Project, in its development stages, is scheduled to begin construction in late 2014 or early 2015. When completed, it is expected to provide energy to power 400 to 500 homes.

According to a statement from Corey Juhl, vice president, development, Juhl Energy, the contract proves commitment of the US Army in carbon footprint reduction and enhances energy security.

With more users aiming to achieve energy independence in a cost efficient way, the installation of an on-site energy project such as wind, solar or co-generation is a better way for a large energy user to harness their energy costs for many years, Juhl added.

The Tooele Army Depot specializes in Warfighter readiness through receipt, storage, issue, demilitarization and renovation of ammunition and the design, manufacture, fielding and maintenance for the Army, Air Force and Navy.