SolarBridge Technologies in pact with Solartec Energia Renovable to launch AC modules in Mexico


SolarBridge Technologies in pact with Solartec Energia Renovable to launch AC modules in Mexico


Greentech Lead Team:

SolarBridge Technologies, a provider of module-integrated microinverters for
the solar industry, has partnered with Solartec Energia Renovable, a
manufacturer of crystalline silicon and thin film modules, to launch AC modules
to Mexico.

will manufacture and sell AC modules powered by SolarBridge Pantheon
microinverters into the Mexican market.

market is a potential market for future PV deployment. It will become one of
the fastest growing markets with installations increasing at a rate of over 200
percent over the next four years.

will ship S60MC, a 240-watt monocrystalline AC module in to Mexican market.
S60MC AC module converts DC power from each solar module to grid-compliant AC
power. The S60MC features a SolarBridge
Pantheon microinverter installed on the back of the module.

“We are very
pleased to be working with Solartec to introduce AC solar solutions to Mexico.
Plug-and-play AC modules are a very compelling product in such a rapidly
growing market that has high solar irradiance,” said
Ron Van Dell, president and CEO of SolarBridge.  

Solartec’s S60MC
delivers up to 25 percent more energy harvest over central inverter-based
systems. Roof-ready AC modules powered by SolarBridge reduce field installation
time and cost for rooftop solar, a powerful incentive for the burgeoning solar
market in Mexico.

S60MC is certified by Mexico’s FIDE (Fideicomiso Para El Ahorro De Energia
Electrica) as an energy-efficient product, qualifying system owners for
additional rebates.

has been an excellent partner in bringing the S60MC to market. Their innovative
product design and high reliability made us confident that we could build the
microinverter directly onto the module to offer what the Mexican solar market
needs – easy, affordable solar solutions,” said Miguel Medina, general manager
of Solartec.  

SolarBridge announced
a strategic relationship with SunPower Corp. to supply the company with
SolarBridge Pantheon microinverters for the SunPower E18 & E19 AC Solar
Panel series. The AC Solar Panel provides an ultra-high-efficiency,
easy-to-install rooftop PV solution.