Siva Power unveils roadamp for low-cost solar thin film technology

Siva Power, providers of solar energy, announced a new technology roadmap that projects the cost of their thin film solar modules dropping to a $0.28/watt.

Siva Power’s projected costs are geography agnostic, achievable in any location of the world, due to the advanced manufacturing approach. The company will be in production line within four years, starting with a 300 MW capacity facility.

Brad Mattson, CEO, Siva Power, said, “This technology roadmap results in a solar factory of the future with gigawatt production capacity, efficiency and lowest cost.”

The fundamentals of Siva Power’s technology are high performing thin film material consisting of co-evaporated CIGS, a single line scale with 300 MW capacity and risk of low execution with high-speed flat panel display (FPD) glass coating tools.

Another element that helped in achieving low cost was using glass as a substrate. Silicon capacity got enlarged by building lots of small lines, which further lowered the cost.

Along with the selection of 300MW as the best scale which ensured minimal adaption, CIGS material and glass substrate was additional features that assisted cost -cutting.

Siva Power’s roadmap plans to reach $0.40/watt with just one fully operational 300MW production line. After two years of operation, with modified performance, the module cost will come down to $0.28/watt. Siva Power’s strategy is about engineering execution and advanced manufacturing technology.

Markus Beck, CTO, Siva Power, said, “This $0.28/watt roadmap is about simple scaling of a proven process, with no new science but only engineering execution.”

The company’s automated 300MW production line will reduce labor impact and factory and land costs. Siva Power is in the process of configuring a mini-module pilot line, the final stages of full commercialization of the CIGS technology.