RAE Systems offers uninterrupted solar-powered wireless gas detection solution

RAE Systems offers uninterrupted solar-powered wireless gas detection solution


By GreenTech Lead Team: RAE Systems, a provider of
wireless gas detection solutions, announced the launch of its new SolarPak, an
intrinsically safe, stand-alone 24/7 remote solar powered solution for wireless
gas detection systems.

SolarPak complements RAE Systems’ PowerPak by delivering
an uninterrupted power supply that enables its Mesh Guard Gas Detection
Systems to monitor gas in remote exploration sites 24/7.

The solution is designed to address the needs of remote
exploration operations and working in hazardous and rugged environments. In
these environments, there is a critical safety need to keep gas detection
systems constantly powered, especially in areas where flammable gases or vapors
present a health or safety threat.

SolarPak features
an integrated solar panel and charge controller to charge the RAE
PowerPak external battery, which enables continuous operation of gas
detection systems. The remote, stand-alone SolarPak and RAE PowerPak solution
eliminates the need for expensive trenching and cabling or periodic changing of
batteries, bringing significant savings on labor and maintenance.

TheRAE Systems SolarPak is
the only solar solution certified for Class I, division I (ATEX Zone 0)
hazardous locations. It is compatible with all RAE Systems MeshGuard wireless
gas detectors and Mesh Routers.

“Uninterrupted access to toxic and flammable gas
data is critical to health and safety operations in hazardous remote
environments,” said Thomas Negre, RAE Systems vice president of Products and
Marketing. “The SolarPak allows us to significantly expand the functionality of
our MeshGuard product line by filling a need in the marketplace for a 24/7,
intrinsically-safe, remote power supply for use in rugged environments,” Negre

“Our new SolarPak solution is capable of supporting
sensors with significant power requirements, such as the industry standard LEL
catalytic bead which can now be met around-the-clock with the RAE Systems
SolarPak,” Negre added.

With the RAE PowerPak and SolarPak, a complete MeshGuard
gas detection system can be deployed in minutes, and will operate continuously even
in cloudy conditions. The standard pole and wall mount adjust easily to
maximize energy production at different geographic locations.

 The SolarPak is
available now and is sold through distribution both in the U.S. and other
global locations.

RAE Systems was acquired byVector Capital in June 2011 in a
take-private transaction valued at approximately$138 million.