New EPA emissions rules to spur demand for Clean combustion technology


New EPA emissions rules to spur demand for Clean combustion technology

By Greentech Lead Team: ThermoEnergy, a provider of power generation technologies
and wastewater treatment, announced that its clean combustion technology will
allow power plants to burn coal with near-zero air emissions.

The ThermoEnergy’s
process captures carbon dioxide in clean form for sequestration or beneficial re-use.
It also has an ability to simultaneously capture SOx, NOx, mercury, and

The electric utility industry is
expected to invest more than $10 billion by 2016 to install scrubber systems to
reduce emissions of NOx, SOx, mercury, and particulates, in addition to carbon

The commercialization of the
technology used by ThermoEnergy is expected to provide an increase in thermal
efficiency for power plants.

“ThermoEnergy sees a tremendous
opportunity ahead, thanks to our proprietary technology and the timing of the
stringent new EPA rules,” said
Cary Bullock, president and CEO of ThermoEnergy.

ThermoEnergy’s technology for the
electric utility industry will eliminate harmful air emissions, while capturing
nearly 100 percent of carbon dioxide.

Recently, ThermoEnergy launched a marketing plan
to provide technology to China that would recover high value and often toxic
chemicals and metals from wastewater produced during the manufacture of
photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. China is the world’s largest manufacturer and
exporter of PV solar panels.