Imergy Power rolls out new vanadium flow batteries

Imergy Power Systems has rolled out new vanadium flow batteries to their ESP250 energy storage series.

These batteries provide 250 kilowatts of output with one MW of energy storage capacity.

The ESP250 modules measure around 12 meters with available energy ranging from 2 to 12 hours of output duration.

The battery features a modular design within which multiple batteries are connected into a single Energy Storage Platform (ESP), capable of delivering power as well as storing energy.

The ESP250 provides utilities, developers and customers with a low-cost energy storage solution for large-scale energy storage applications.

In addition, the ESP250 can be used for applications like frequency regulation and peak shaving, which will help to increase the return on investment (ROI).

Potential applications for the ESP250 include peaker plant replacement, transmission and distribution investment deferral, renewables management, micro-grid implementation or back-up power system delivery.

The ESP250 series uses secondary sources of vanadium like mining slag, fly ash, and other environmental waste. The storage duration can be extended by increasing electrolyte concentration and volume.

Moreover, the ESP250 features a low Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), making it an affordable battery option for large-scale energy storage applications in the market.

The system is efficient enough to power security by operating in full islanded mode and power quality with fast response time for seamless power source transitions, load transients, and photovoltaic system firming.

The ESP250 also incorporates fast charge capabilities and latest controls and electronics which can be remotely managed using secure Linux- and Windows-based integrated dispatch optimization software.

Further, the ESP250 operates within a far wider temperature range than lithium ion or other storage solutions and is air-cooled.

Imergy’s ESP250 offers a solution which is financially and technically impractical for other battery and storage chemistries.

Sabeena Wahid