IBC SOLAR completes 237 kWp Poland project

IBC SOLAR has completed 237 kWp of rooftop solar project in Poland, the biggest one of its kind in the country.

The company has installed a total of 947 IBC PolySol modules on the roof of the hospitalin Lódz.

The inverters and mounting system were also provided by IBC AeroFix.

IBC SOLAR, with the help of AeroFix, a flexible, light-weight and stable PV mounting system has utilized the entire roof area for installation.

They arranged a part of the modules in east-west direction in order to accommodate maximum modules. Due to high degree of prefabrication and by using high-quality materials the system offers optimum solution for applications.


Polish government, through a public grant has partly funded the PV project on top of the hospital.

The PV market of Poland is evolving, with solar energy becoming an increasingly important factor in the energy mix of the country.

Last year, with a plan to issue final draft of legislation on renewables, Poland ministry announced the cost reduction of renewable energy suppliers by 40 percent through 2014 by auctioning fixed-price contracts for generators and by cutting subsidies.

The energy regulator had to organize auctions to buy electricity from new installations for 15 years and also reduce the number of green certificates granted.

Over the next years, the government has kept a target of giving priority to the renewable energy growth in energy consumption to meet the climate change policies of the European Union.

Sabeena Wahid