DAS Solar @ Intersolar Europe 2023

DAS Solar N-type 3.0 Black Series module

DAS Solar, a leading solar energy company, made a significant impact at the Intersolar Europe 2023 event with the introduction of its upgraded N-type 3.0 Black Series module. This high-performance module has been specifically designed to cater to the European market.

During the event, DAS Solar showcased its upgraded N-type 3.0 Black Series, which includes the DAS BLACK, BLACK FRAME, and BLACK THRU modules.

Additionally, they presented the 630W and 585W N-type 3.0 bifacial dual-glass module, along with lightweight modules. Among these offerings, the new generation of upgraded N-type 3.0 Black Series modules tailored for rooftop installations garnered significant attention and popularity.

The series features M10 cell technology and a new layout design with 54 cells. It not only incorporates the advanced N-type TOPCon 3.0 technology but also achieves an impressive module power output of up to 440W and an exceptional conversion efficiency of 22.5 percent.

In terms of performance, the upgrading N-type 3.0 Black Series excels in low-light conditions, delivering efficient and robust power output even during early mornings, evenings, and cloudy weather. These modules have been rigorously tested and have obtained certifications from renowned institutions such as TUV and CE, guaranteeing their quality and compliance with industry standards.

DAS Solar offers a reassuring 25-year material warranty, along with a 30-year linear power warranty, providing peace of mind and long-term reliability.