Wartsila wins energy storage deal from Therma Marine

Wartsila energy storage system

Wartsila announced its floating barge-mounted energy storage system will assist Therma Marine (TMI), a subsidiary of Aboitiz Power Corporation, in meeting grid requirements in the Philippines.

Therma Marine has ordered a barge-mounted 54 MW / 32 MWh energy storage system from Wartsila because it has experience in delivering both power barges for electricity production and energy storage solutions.

Wartsila will deliver the barge-mounted 54 MW / 32 MWh energy storage system to Therma Marine on an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) basis. Wartsila will place the barge next to TMI’s existing thermal power barge of a total of 100 MW in the municipality of Maco in the province of Davao de Oro. The project delivery is scheduled to be completed in Q4 2021.

This will be the first ever deployment of a floating energy storage solution in the South East Asia region. It will involve placing ten Wartsila GridSolv Max systems, supported by the company’s GEMS energy management platform, aboard a floating barge. The solution will provide flexibility for TMI in their ancillary service contract with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.

“Wartsila will meet our needs with this innovative and unique floating energy storage barge. Their ability to deliver this solution in less than 12 months is impressive,” said Emmanuel V Rubio, president and chief executive officer of Aboitiz Power.

“Wartsila is the sole EPC provider for this kind of a project. The alternative would be to have one supplier for the barge and another for the energy storage system, which would require a lot of coordination and would undoubtedly slow the final delivery considerably,” said Kari Punnonen, Wartsila Energy Business Director, Australasia.

The number of Wartsila power barge installations globally is 26, with a total power output of 1,500 MW. A floating power barge enables fast supply of electricity to areas with limited infrastructure and is a mobile asset, enabling relocation or trade.

Wartsila has a strong presence in South East Asia, with a total installed capacity of more than 9,000 MW, of which 2,000 MW were executed as EPC deliveries, including approximately 300 MW of energy storage.