Kokam starts pre-orders for new UPS battery system

Kokam UPS battery system

Kokam has launched a cost-effective battery system for Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) aimed at strengthening its position in the UPS market.

Kokam is a subsidiary of SolarEdge and a provider of lithium-ion batteries and energy solutions.

The advanced battery system uses innovative cell technology to increase the c-rate and energy density. Kokam’s UPS battery system offers high power output of 8 C-rate. Kokam is targeting mission-critical facilities, such as data centers, banks, and semi-conductor factories.

Kokam said the battery system has up to a 46 percent smaller footprint and is up to 20 percent lighter compared to the conventional lead-acid battery system. The new system decreases the total cost of ownership, which is up to 40 percent less than conventional lead-acid battery systems.

“The launch of our advanced battery system for the UPS battery market is aimed to provide a cost-effective and advanced solution to address the current grid stability challenges,” Ike Hong, president of Kokam, said.

Kokam is a global market leader in manufacturing premium lithium-ion batteries and ESS solutions. Industries, including, electric vehicles (EV), energy storage systems (ESS), aerospace and marine deploy Kokam’s battery solutions.