ISO gives okay for streamline the process for interconnecting distributed generation


ISO gives okay for streamline the process for interconnecting distributed generation

Greentech Lead America: The Board of the California
Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) has given the green signal to
streamline the process for interconnecting distributed generation, which
includes renewable projects.

The ISO has also decided to publish information showing
quantities of potential distributed generation at various grid locations.
Load-serving entities, resource developers and local regulatory authorities can
use the assessment for negotiating renewable energy contracts and developing

“The new approach will align ISO policy with the
state’s goal to accelerate distributed generation — smaller scale resources
connected to utility distribution systems and located close to customers,”
said ISO Board Chair Bob Foster.

Distributed generation will obtain deliverability status
in about half the time as the current process. Achieving deliverability
qualifies projects as eligible for being counted toward the resource adequacy
requirements of utilities and other load serving entities. Currently, it can
take about two years to obtain deliverability status at the wholesale level.

“Distributed generation projects tend to be smaller
and more numerous than power plant projects that connect directly to the ISO
grid,” said VP, Market and Infrastructure Development Keith Casey.

Moreover, the Board approval will enable the ISO to file
tariff changes with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) so that the
streamlined process can be integrated into the ISO’s 2012/2013 transmission
planning cycle.

The California ISO operates the state’s wholesale
transmission grid, providing open and non-discriminatory access supported by a
competitive energy market and comprehensive planning efforts.