IBM wins contract from UK Ministry of Defence for smarter, greener buildings and software


IBM wins contract from UK Ministry of Defence for smarter, greener buildings and software

Greentech Lead U.K: IBM has won a contract from the
United Kingdom’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) that will help DIO
gain greater insight and intelligence in relation to its entire property

DIO, an operational arm of the Ministry of Defence (MoD),
is responsible for the management of some 4,000 separate sites and includes
military barracks; land, air and naval bases; and military training grounds.

IBM’s smarter buildings software and services help DIO
reduce building operating costs and find ways to better utilize its existing
real estate.

The MoD is one of the United Kingdom’s largest
landowners, covering some 900 square miles and around 45,000 buildings, 55,000
houses and 135,000 Single Living bedspaces. It has real estate
in Germany, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands, along with
facilities in Norway, Poland, Kenya, Canada, Belize, Nepal and Oman.

Charged with managing all of these physical assets and
infrastructure, DIO’s goal is to drive greater efficiency and operations of
these buildings to support an estates rationalization program that will deliver
significant efficiencies over the next decade and beyond.

Defence in the United Kingdom is undergoing a
major period of transformation as the government is requiring its agencies to
better utilize resources, including real estate assets. With buildings accounting
for 45 percent of all carbon emissions in the UK, this is a natural area to

DIO will use IBM technology to meet these Defence needs
by replacing its outdated legacy IT environment and create a new centralized
information management system, allowing faster analysis and more informed
decision-making to better manage its vast network of real estate.

The IBM TRIRIGA solution will provide an integrated
property management solution comprising of software and consultancy services.
This will give DIO central visibility of its extensive global property holdings
and data on how efficiently they are being used. Geospatial mapping capability,
created by business partner Esri UK limited, provides the real-time
visualization map that gives a complete scope of their infrastructure and

The IBM solution will also enable processes to be
streamlined across the MoD’s diverse organization by linking with the systems
used by DIO’s Next Generation Estate Contracts team. This will reduce reliance
on multiple outdated systems, and greatly speed up and improve the flow of
information between the organization and its industrial partners. Overall, this
will help to support an improved, more agile and strategic management of its

“Having the right data at the right time is
essential for DIO,” said Dave Bartlett, vice president, Smarter
Physical Infrastructure, IBM. “IBM’s analytics and smarter buildings
software will help provide a new level of intelligence to how the MoD is
managing its global real estate portfolio.”

The upgraded system will be launched in a number of
capability releases through April 2014. These are based on analysis of
future business needs, the current DIO technology landscape and engagement with
industry through procurement.