GreenHouse Holdings selected to conduct energy audit on military installation


GreenHouse Holdings selected to conduct energy audit on military installation

GreenHouse Holdings, a provider of energy efficiency
solutions and sustainable infrastructure products, announced it is conducting
energy audit of Port Hueneme and Port Mugu within Naval Base Ventura County.

The facility employs 19,000 military and civilian
personnel and houses over 80 military commands. The Energy Division of
GreenHouse realizes a significant growth opportunity from this large scale and
comprehensive auditing.

“This has been one of my primary goals since the
inception of GreenHouse. Everything we do from residential and commercial
construction to sustainable infrastructure to energy efficiency and renewable
energy services have been geared to be scalable for a United States military
base and thereby supporting the DOD’s 2020 mandate for energy
consumption,” said
John Galt, CEO of GreenHouse Holdings.

The GreenHouse will analyze an assessment of all energy
use on both facilities from lighting and HVAC to refrigeration systems, motors
and boilers. The GreenHouse Energy team will conduct onsite inspections, record
measurements and interview appropriate facility personnel.

Naval Base Ventura County will be provided with a report
on potential Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) along with a comparative analysis
of energy savings to project cost.

GreenHouse will offer recommendations regarding Automated
Demand Response (ADR) opportunities.

The Auto-DR program offers financial incentives and
technical support to Southern California Edison (SCE) customers willing to
install equipment that enables participation in demand response events versus
depending on their employees to perform all the curtailment activities manually
when required.

“Participants in SCE’s Auto-DR program are in 100
percent control of the actual curtailment measures implemented on an
event-to-event basis. Additionally, the systems commonly implemented for
Auto-DR participation are fully capable of being used to improve productivity
and equipment operating efficiencies as well as provide users with information
that can augment routine and emergency operations and maintenance
regimens,” said Robert Davis, vice president of Energy Services at

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