GE unveils enhancements and additions to home energy solutions


GE unveils enhancements and additions to home energy solutions

Greentech Lead America: GE is launching new products
and solutions to its suite of Brillion home energy solutions.

This is part of GE’s vision to laying the foundation for
an energy-saving connected home.

The new Whole-Home Sensor, an important part of
home-energy solutions, is being used in several utility test pilots, including
test homes in Warner Robins, Ga., as part of Flint Energies’ recently announced
pilot project.

It will be available broadly in the second quarter of this

The sensor sends consumption data from large 240-volt
applications, such as a panel box or pool pump, to the home’s Nucleus energy
manager, which then communicates that data to a consumer’s existing smartphones
or personal computers helping them make smarter energy choices.

“We’ve leveled the playing field by providing a product
that communicates a home’s continuous real-time energy consumption to consumers
without a smart meter. Our new Whole-Home Sensor connects to the consumer’s
electrical panel and allows them to understand their energy consumption without
waiting for their electricity provider to install a smart meter,” said William
Paul, product manager, home energy, GE Appliances.

Knowledge of whole-home energy consumption provides
consumers with insights into their electricity costs before the bill arrives;
offers them feedback on electricity-intensive activities, such as water
heating; and allows them to quantify the benefits of their personal
energy-efficiency efforts.

GE is also adding Brillion-enabled Smart Plugs, which act
as sensors for electronics and non-smart devices that plug into standard
120-volt outlets. These sensor plugs communicate with the Nucleus energy
manager, enabling consumers to track electrical usage by the outlet for most
120-volt appliances and devices.

These sensors turn any standard 120-volt consumer good
into a smart home capable device. The sensors can be moved from device to
device, enabling the consumer to perform an audit of their electrical
appliances and electronics or to monitor them continuously for ongoing feedback
providing critical insights to help consumers reduce energy consumption.

GE’s Brillion-enabled thermostats help consumers easily
adjust heating and cooling schedules from their Nucleus software interface and
alter household temperatures and operating modes remotely from their iPhone.

GE’s new GeoSpring hybrid water heater has connected
capabilities and features that will allow consumers to more easily and more
efficiently provide hot water to their families. Other Brillion-enabled
appliances will undergo similar communication enhancements over the coming