Don’t blame developing nations for carbon emission: India

Prakash Javadekar

Indian Environmental Minister Prakash Javadekar pointed out that developing nations are going through a phase of further growth, but responsibility for creating and addressing overall carbon emission issue should not be put on them, reported The Financial Express.

Javadekar was addressing an occasion of “World Day to Combat Desertification” organized by Environment Ministry. Poverty, an environmental disaster should be eradicated first before restoring climate changes, agency reported quoting the minister.

Prakash-JavadekarAs part of the emerging economy, developing countries have the right to grow, the Minister said. These efforts may increase carbon level output, but it does not mean that they are solely responsible for the climate changes happening worldwide.

The Minister, however, agreed that carbon emission reduction efforts are significant for any country.

A meeting of governments, dignitaries, finance leaders, business tycoons and civil society has been scheduled at New York this September to address the issue of global warming, anticipating new bold steps, says report.

Minister’s words are encouraging for BASIC group member nations on climate, formed in 2009, a bloc of four emerging nations including Brazil, South Africa, India and China.

Earlier this year the United Nations criticized developing countries that they have lost out on all crucial segments in Warsaw meeting last year.

Green NGO and civil society groups blamed that developed countries shifted carbon reducing burden to emerging countries like India and China, reported FE.

Meanwhile the new BJP-lade government in India, realising the importance of global warming, has renamed Environmental Ministry as Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change.