Cintas announces ENERGY STAR partnership to enhance environmental tracking capabilities


Cintas announces ENERGY STAR partnership to enhance environmental tracking capabilities

By Greentech
Lead Team:
Cintas Corporation has partnered with the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency on its ENERGY STAR program.

The program
is designed to provide a strategic approach to energy management by tracking an
organization’s current energy-efficiency and future improvement. The focus on
energy usage benefits consumers and the environment by lowering utility bills
and increasing the use of energy-efficient products and practices.

our energy usage and environmental impact is a priority for Cintas and we are
excited to track the impact of our ongoing efforts with the help of the ENERGY
STAR program,” said Glenn Larsen, vice president of Quality & Engineering,

level employees, site managers and field engineers will gain a better
understanding of how energy is being used at Cintas. The company will identify
its energy-efficiency score by examining current energy use as well as areas
that can be improved.

More than
200,000 buildings across the country have adopted EPA’s energy performance
rating system, with the top performing buildings being recognized with the
ENERGY STAR. With the program, Cintas will be able to set goals and track
energy savings.

the energy efficiency of our nation’s buildings is critical to protecting our
environment,” said Jean Lupinacci, chief of the ENERGY STAR Commercial &
Industrial Branch.

is a voluntary program designed to recognize energy-efficient products and now
commercial and industrial buildings. By choosing these sustainable solutions,
consumers and organizations stand to gain cost savings in addition to reducing
greenhouse gas emissions. In 2010, ENERGY STAR helped Americans save $18
billion on energy bills by encouraging the use of products that meet EPA’s
strict energy-efficiency requirements.