Shell EV Charging to power BYD across Europe

Shell Recharge Singapore

Shell EV Charging Solutions and BYD Europe have joined forces to provide over 100,000 BYD battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle customers with convenient and reliable access to EV charging via Shell Recharge across Europe.

BYD customers will be granted exclusive Shell Recharge network platinum membership, enabling them to receive discounted charging at Shell’s fast and ultra-fast DC charging locations. Through Shell’s network of over 300,000 charge points across Europe at various locations such as Shell stations, mobility hubs, destinations, and on-street locations, BYD customers will have access to one of Europe’s largest roaming networks.

Business customers who purchase BYD vehicles to electrify their fleets will have access to EV charging through the Shell Card, which is a single payment solution covering invoicing for traditional fuels, EV charging, and alternative lower-carbon fuels.

Their European collaboration aims to help BYD customers drive as many electric miles as possible with Shell Recharge’s network, Istvan Kapitany, Global Executive Vice President of Shell Mobility, said in a new statement.

In China, Shell and BYD formed an EV charging joint venture that currently operates more than 10,000 charge points in Shenzhen, with the goal of expanding the network to other cities.