SaviCorp bags Bergelectric Fleet Contract


SaviCorp bags Bergelectric Fleet Contract

Greentech Lead Team:
SaviCorp, an automotive technology company that
manufactures technologies and products that reduce harmful emissions and
improve fuel efficiency, has signed a contract to retrofit Bergelectric’s fleet
vehicles with the newest DynoValve.

is an electronic positive crankcase valve (PCV) shown to reduce harmful
vehicles emissions by 50 to 90 percent, with a by-product of reduced
maintenance and fuel costs.

tests conducted to prove the benefits have been accepted by the Environmental
Protection Agency. This green-solutions product has an executive order D-667
from the Air Resources Board of California.

estimated that after about 6 months Bergelectric would have paid for their
retrofit. SaviCorp is very excited about this sale, because the results from
Bergelectric lends to our credibility, and the opportunity to close more fleet
sales,” said Serge Monros, SaviCorp’s


that last two months Bergelectric conducted preliminary tests before the
purchase was finalized. The first 130 of its fleet will be getting their green
upgrade over the next month.

product does a good job at increasing efficiency in existing technology, with
little impact and minimal up-front costs, so we see it as a cost-effective
option. As a large consumer of gasoline [it’s] our hope this small step,
coupled with a number of other ongoing green initiatives will, not only help
reduce our operating costs, but ultimately help reduce our carbon footprint; our
consumption of fossil fuels; and improve our position as a good corporate
citizen in America,” said Robert Moreno, a Bergelectric spokesperson.

SaviCorp announced outstanding DynoValve performance results with McCarthy
Construction, one of the oldest, most respected commercial construction
companies in the United States.