Panasonic to supply Lithium-ion battery Cells for Ford Motor hybrid vehicles

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Panasonic to supply Lithium-ion battery Cells for Ford Motor hybrid vehicles

By Greentech Lead Team: Panasonic Corporation has been
selected to supply lithium-ion battery cells for Ford Motor’s hybrid and
plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Panasonic will supply battery cells for the upcoming
models of the Ford Fusion Hybrid Electric and C-Max Hybrid Electric as well as
the Ford Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrids.

Panasonic is building its battery business to address growing demand for rechargeable
batteries for eco-friendly vehicles. The company is already supplying
nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery cells and systems for hybrid electric
vehicles to a growing number of automotive manufacturers around the world.

The supply agreement with Ford Motor builds on a
long-term partnership between the two companies. SANYO Electric, which was
acquired by Panasonic last year, has been supplying battery systems for the
Ford Escape hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. The partnership
now expands to lithium-ion battery cells for the four Ford hybrid and plug-in
hybrid models. Battery cells are delivered in cell stack configuration to
increase transportation efficiency and reliability.

Panasonic continues to accelerate the development and
commercialization of high performance rechargeable batteries for green vehicles
and further expand its rechargeable battery business globally, thereby
contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of automotive activity worldwide.

Recently, Panasonic
announced it will start taking orders for its Energy Creation-storage Linked
System for Home from March 21 in Japan. The system integrates Panasonic’s solar
cells and lithium-ion storage battery unit using its newly-developed Power
Station to enable effective use of electricity in normal circumstances as well
as during power outages.