Montavista develops lithium metal battery

Montavista Lithium Metal Battery products

Montavista Energy Technologies Corporation, a developer of lithium metal battery (LMB) technologies, has unveiled a new product line.

The drones equipped with Montavista’s METARY P series lithium metal battery has demonstrated 60 ~ 80  percent longer flight time in comparison with that using a commercial lithium ion battery (LIB).

By adopting a lithium metal anode and an optimized non-flammable liquid electrolyte, the METARY P Series cells provide not only a high specific energy over 400 Wh/kg that can sustain an ultra-long in-air time for a commercial drone, but also a high specific power that can lift and maneuver it safely at high speed.

Montavista is a leader in LMB development and manufacturing. Back in 2020, Montavista has released its METARY E series LMB product line that provides an ultrahigh specific energy over 500 Wh/kg with a relatively lower specific power, suitable for applications such as high-altitude solar-powered aircraft. The newly released METARY P series provides a solution for customers who need more power but are not willing to sacrifice energy.

“We see a huge market opportunity for various drone and eVTOL applications, enabled by our LMB innovations” said Lisha ZHOU, CEO of Montavista.