Electric vehicles (EVs) sold touched 2.6 million

EV sales in China and US

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) sold worldwide has touched 2.6 million during the first half (H1) of 2021 – driven by Mainland China and Europe, according to Canalys estimates.

EVs include fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

The report said 1.1 million EVs were sold in H1 2021 in Mainland China, accounting for 12 percent of all passenger cars sold there.

1 million EVs were sold in Europe, accounting for 15 percent of new cars. Sales of EVs in the two markets represented a combined 87 percent of all EV sales worldwide.

US EV market continues to lag. 250,000 EVs were sold in the US in H1 2021, just 3 percent of new cars sold.

Only 6 percent of cars sold in 2020 in Mainland China were EVs – it will be more than double that for full-year 2021.

Tesla’s success in Mainland China has motivated Chinese carmakers to quickly expand their EV offerings. EVs from brands such as Aion, BYD, Li Xiang, NIO and Xpeng are selling well, but it is the tiny Hongguang Mini EV from Wuling that is currently outselling all other EVs on the market. Four of the top 10 best-selling EVs in H1 2021 were small city cars.

Norway remains the global leader for EV adoption at over 80 percent of new car sales. Companies are expanding their EV line-ups, offering consumers greater choice. The European Union has set emissions targets for carmakers.

US President Joe Biden proposed a US$174 billion investment with incentives and substantial charging infrastructure deployments to “win the EV market” and has committed to 40 percent to 50 percent of all new cars sales being EVs by 2030.