Advance Auto Parts and Valvoline partner to offer special schemes


Advance Auto Parts and Valvoline partner to offer special schemes

By Greentech
Lead Team:
 Advance Auto Parts and Valvoline are teaming up to offer
special schemes to consumers.

Users can
now return their used oil to any of the more than 3,300 Advance Auto Parts
stores nationwide and purchase Valvoline NextGen to help “Close the
Loop” and receive a special offer.

NextGen motor oil is made of 50 percent recycled motor oil and delivers 100
percent Valvoline quality and protection, securing optimum engine protection
while lessening our dependence on foreign crude and preserving existing

committing to the environment by returning used oil and refilling crankcases
with NextGen, Advance Auto Parts will reward those who Close the Loop with a
$20 mail in gift card offer.

cars and trucks use over three billion quarts of motor oil annually, of which
200 million gallons or more is not disposed of properly. Using NextGen
helps ensure used oil doesn’t find its way into water supply.  

Compared to
non-recycled motor oil, NextGen uses 48 percent less fossil fuels, emits 40
percent less harmful and acidic emissions, and has 20 percent less global
warming impact.

“We are
excited about the Close the Loop program and proud to partner with Advance Auto
Parts,” said Darryl Gaines, Valvoline
Brand Manager.

introduction to the motor oil category last year turned the heads of those who
put their engines to the ultimate test and seek the best in performance:
professional drivers.  Last fall, NextGen technology was put through
extensive validation testing across NASCAR and NHRA earning approval from some
of motorsports’ top teams and earning some big wins on the track.

NextGen motor oil is a simple way to do the right thing while still reaping the
benefits of a high-quality product,” said John Lammers, Product Solutions
Director at Advance Auto Parts.