Speech by Modi at Innovation Summit in COP 21, Paris

PM Modi at G20 Summit
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered the following speec at the Innovation Summit in COP 21, Paris on 30 November, 2015.

Let me begin by saluting President Hollande and the people of France for their courage and resolve; and, to the world for coming together for Paris and France.

The outstanding arrangements reflect the character of this great nation. The world has assembled in Paris to change the course of our planet to a sustainable path.

We must speak about goals and targets on carbon emissions and rise in global temperature. But, it is just as important to focus on the instruments that will make it natural and easy for the world to get there.

A vast section of humanity lives at the edge of poverty and in darkness after the sun sets. They need energy to light up their homes and power their future.

And, they are also the most vulnerable to the consequences of an industrial age powered by fossil fuel.

Access to energy and a better life is a universal aspiration. And, so are clean environment and healthy habitats.

As the world’s majority works its way to prosperity on a planet left with very limited carbon space , we have to do many things.

We have to ensure, in the spirit of climate justice, that the life of a few does not crowd out the opportunities for the many still on the initial steps of the development ladder.

The advanced countries must leave enough room for developing countries to grow. And, we must strive for a lighter carbon footprint on our growth path.

For that we must come together in a partnership to bring clean energy within the reach of all.

Innovation is vital for combating climate change and ensuring climate justice.

That is what makes this Innovation Summit very special. This unites us behind a common purpose.

We need research and innovation to make renewable energy much cheaper; more reliable; and, easier to connect to transmission grids.

We can make conventional energy cleaner. And, we can develop newer sources of renewable energy.

This is a global responsibility to our collective future.

Our innovation initiative should be driven by public purpose, not just market incentives, including on intellectual property.

That also means strong public commitment by suppliers to developing countries.

That will make clean energy technology available, accessible and affordable for all.

This partnership will combine the responsibility of governments with the innovative capacity of the private sector. We will double our investments in research and innovation; and, deepen collaboration among ourselves.

We should have an international network of 30-40 universities and labs focusing for next ten years on renewable energy.

Innovation must be backed by means to make it affordable and ensure adoption.

We have a very successful models of public-private partnership with many countries present here. India is also building renewable capacity in developing countries, including small island states.

The progress on clean energy technology and costs is impressive. If we raise the level of our efforts, we can transform the world.

We will also lay the foundation of a new economy in new low carbon age.

We will restore the balance between ecology and economy, and between our inheritance and obligation to the future. And, live up to Gandhiji’s call to care for the world we shall not see.