This app empowers you to do your bit in fighting climate change


Greenie, the new mobile app that empowers users with tips, tools and incentives to do their part in fighting climate change, debuts today and is available as a free download from the Apple app store.

Created by Micro Integration Services (MIS), of Medford, NJ, and launched with the theme line, “Get the app, save the planet,” the app provides users with energy saving actions they can take to increase their energy efficiency and shrink their carbon footprint.

The app then gives users a daily summary of how much CO2 they’ve eliminated, how much oxygen they’ve generated, and how much money they’ve saved, based on the actions they’ve engaged in and recorded on the app. The app tracks the results of all users signed into the Greenie app, with daily updates.

MIS president Glenn Smith is betting there is a big demand for consumers to find ways to take personal responsibility, especially in light of the Administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord earlier this month.

“Millions of people out there firmly believe in the science of global warming and are committed to doing their part to reverse it,” said Smith. “We wanted to create something that would help them continue that battle every day.”

Among the many energy friendly actions that can be taken by Greenie users, planting trees through the U.S. Forestry Service is one of the most recommended actions, since trees convert already released CO2 into oxygen.

Greenie users can have single trees, or groups of trees, planted in their name, or in the name of loved ones or family pets, and receive memorial certificates.

The Greenie app also provides users with news feed of topical stories from around the world that document the earth’s changes in climate and some of the ways many others are choosing to counteract the devastating effects.

“Many people don’t realize that one mature tree can generate enough oxygen to support two people every day,” said Smith. “That’s why it’s so critical that we continue to plant trees to replace the forests we lose due to fires, harvesting, drought and disease.”

An Android version of the Greenie app is in the works and is expected to be available later in the third quarter of this year.