FCR technology validated for wind measurement in complex terrain

LEOSPHERE’s Flow Complexity Recognition (FCR) upgrade is a solution to measure the wind speed in complex terrain accurately.

The FCR technology is an online correction system which can be paired with WINDCUBE V2 LiDAR. With the presence of fifth vertical beam, it accounts for the impact of the terrain complexity on the measurements.

Alexandre Sauvage, CEO, LEOSPHERE, explained, “The FCR combines hardware and software technology enabling the WINDCUBE V2 LiDAR to get more accurate and precise readings. Till now, for all terrains remote sensors have recorded a measurement bias due to the lack of flow homogeneity across the measured volume. With FCR option, this bias is reduced. The WINDCUBE V2 provides direct measurement, eliminating the post-processing and correction of data needs, saving time and money.”

The Hrgud wind farm was chosen for the field validation testing, with its turbulent and complex wind site, located on an oblong high hill. The measurement campaign, led by DTU, was conducted with both the regular WINDCUBE LiDAR, and the FCR-upgraded machine. The results showed that the use of the FCR option has led to a reduction of the measurement bias from -4.1percent to +1.5 percent.

This measurement campaign proves the accuracy of the WINDCUBE v2 irrespective of the terrain. Wind energy developers can carry this light and portable remote sensor to all types of terrains.