Tata Power Solar commissions first rooftop solar carport project in India

Tata Power solar

Tata Power Solar announced it has commissioned the first rooftop solar carport project in India.

Spread across 70,000 sq.mtr Unity One mall, the solar carport is estimated to set off 438 tons of carbon emission annually.

Tata Power Solar won the bid in the open tender process fielded by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for multi-level car parking.

The project has been envisaged under net-metering scheme enabling self-reliance in the energy consumption and production cycle, Tata said. It enables the mall to receive real value of the energy produced by earning on the unused and excess solar electricity produced. It also cuts down the need to install a second meter or an expensive battery storage system as it is directly connected to the local power grid.

Speaking on this occasion, Ashish Khanna, ED and CEO, Tata Power Solar, said, “We feel proud to be associated with yet another milestone solar project for India. It has been achieved by our excellent engineering skills and project management capabilities.”

“After earning the distinction of executing world’s largest rooftop at a single location and India’s largest carport at Cochin, we feel proud to accomplish India’s first carport on a rooftop,” Khanna added.

Rajani Baburajan