Anti-dumping duty not good for India: Schneider Electric official

If anti-dumping duty was imposed by the Indian government it would definitely delay proposed solar projects, though not derail them, PTI said quoting a Schneider Electric India official today.

“If anti-dumping duty in solar cells is a reality and the imposition is to the extent that has been reported then projects will definitely get delayed, but not derailed,” Schneider Electric India’s VP (Solar) Anurag Garg said today.

“Anti-dumping duty could increase the cost of solar panels that constitute almost 50 per cent of the total project cost.

The overall impact on total project could be around 25 per cent and that is significant,” he said.

The Union Commerce ministry had favoured imposition of anti-dumping duty on solar cells to boost domestic manufacturing.

Currently, the solar project cost had came to Rs 6.5-7.5 crore per megawatt narrowing the gap with fossil fuel based power.

Solar projects of 750 MW offered under the phase II batch I of national solar mission bidding were already awaiting clarity on the policy.

In 2010, government had aimed to have an installed grid connected solar power capacity of 20,000 MW by 2022.

Garg said the current estimated installed capacity was 2,800 MW and if India was able to add at least 1,500 MW annually, the country could able to keep pace with the target.

He said Schneider was geared to meet the demand with its products and solutions.

“We are among the leading players in the segment. We operate solar power projects and will continue to be so with latest offerings,” Garg added.