Array launches new, resilient solar tracking system

Array Technologies

US-based solar tracking systems maker Array Technologies (ATI) has launched DuraTrack HZ v3, its latest single-axis tracking system. The company has stated that the patent pending system will go into large-scale production in a couple of months.

The innovations that the company claims to have introduced in the system include: Single-bolt per module mounting bracket (it reduces module installation time), lowest number of motors and controls per MW, and passive wind load mitigation system (it reduces cost and risk).

The passive wind mitigation feature, the company claims, eliminates storm risks, complexities and “maintenance issues associated with active stow components and UPS systems” while providing significant cost benefits.

The design enables more modules per row, fewer columns, automatic row alignment, and protection from snow or sand dune obstruction on an automatic and individual row basis, Array has reported.

The company recently commissioned its first 1.2 megawatt DuraTrack HZ V3 site in northern New Mexico. The company plans to begin larger shipments in July, while retaining the last version (DuraTrack HZ v2.5) in production for select applications, the statement added.

“We are gearing up our production capacity to meet 4 gigawatts of annual demand, of which a significant percentage is already booked. We appreciate the overwhelming acceptance of our new product in the market,” ATI founder and CEO Ron Corio said.

Ajith Kumar S