CATL to supply 10GWh of energy storage to FlexGen

CATL to provide 10GWh of energy storage to FlexGen

Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) has executed an agreement with FlexGen Power Systems to supply 10GWh of CATL’s energy storage equipment over a three year period.

CATL will supply EnerC, a containerized liquid-cooling battery system. EnerC features IP55 and C5 anti-corrosion protection, for ensuring reliable operation of the system for 20 years. CATL claims that EnerC’s energy density can reach 259.7 kWh per square meter, almost a 200 percent increase over traditional air-cooling systems.
FlexGen and CATLFlexGen’s HybridOS energy management system platform is currently powering energy storage systems in Texas, California and across North America for utility, competitive power market, as well as municipal and cooperative utility projects.

CATL’s equipment is deployed in some of the largest and most critical energy storage projects globally, including the three projects for Southern California Edison totaling over 2.1 GWh in capacity, as well as over 500 MWh of merchant energy storage plants in operation and under construction in Texas.