Viridian Energy launches Viridian Foundation to foster global sustainability


Viridian Energy launches Viridian Foundation to foster global sustainability

Viridian Energy, a provider of affordable, green retail
energy, announced that it has completed the inaugural sustainability project
the Viridian Foundation, to foster global sustainability and extend Viridian’s
global efforts beyond the scope of its existing sustainability initiatives.


“The Viridian Foundation was born out of a desire to
create a deeper impact and involve a wider community of globally-minded
individuals in support of sustainability issues facing our earth,” said Michael
Fallquist, founder and CEO of Viridian Energy.


The Viridian Foundation, the company’s non-profit project
commenced Amazon Preservation Project this month with the first in a series of
semi-annual voluntourism expeditions to Brazil.


Amazon Preservation Project of the Viridian Foundation is
designed to promote sustainability and raise awareness through specific
projects that have measurable environmental, social and economic benefits on a
local level.


This month, a team of 30 volunteers have planted more
than 400 trees at deforested area of the Amazon rainforest as part of the
reforestation effort.


“The rainforest is often referred to as the lungs of our
earth, and the benefit of improving and restoring the rainforest is felt
worldwide. Through the efforts of the Viridian Foundation, we are furthering
our mission of helping each individual choice contribute to a significant
collective impact,” Fallquist added.


The Viridian Foundation facilitates the voluntourism
experience and plans each expedition with the assistance of local eco-guides.
Further, the foundation provides tools, purchases trees and arranges lodging
and other accommodations. The Viridian Foundation also offers a parcel
sponsorship program for individuals to participate even without a physical
presence in Brazil.


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