RVX joins Verne Global for green film technology promotion

A still from the award winning Hollywood movie Gravity

Verne Global, developer of energy efficient data center campuses in UK has announced that RVX is creating its visual effects for a Hollywood project with a computing (HPC) application hosted at Verne Global’s data center campus in Iceland.

The skill and talent team of RVX is joining with the low-cost, 100 percent green-powered, HPC infrastructure Verne Global technology to meet the technical and power requirements for their visual effect demands.

It may be noted that, RVX was a part of the Oscar-winning visual effects team on the film Gravity and advocates the need for HPC within the movie industry.

A still from the award winning Hollywood movie Gravity
A still from the award winning Hollywood movie Gravity

HPC employs the super-computing horsepower to boost visual effect-rich films. The process is extremely computer intensive adopted for complex data sets combining high-resolution images, animation and virtual reality.

RVX was in search for a solution based on a reliable and highly-available power grid in a data center atmosphere helping them to balance according to projects demanded.

There has always been a demand to push the envelope to create more visually stunning, hyper-realistic special effects and the graphics requirement of each film is getting complex every time, said, Dadi Einarsson, co-founder, creative director, RVX.

Verne Global Green Data Center in Iceland
Verne Global Green Data Center in Iceland

The skill and talent of the artists are to be controlled by the technical infrastructure and computing power in order to create special graphics. With Verne Global, an access to a scalable and computing platform that help in pushing creative boundaries to limitless level is opened, continued Einarsson.

As the new generation film and digital media industries rely on data centers for post-production needs heavily, if it is powered by fossil fuels, half of the entire carbon footprint of film post-production will become consumed on it.

Iceland is becoming a destination for studios to reduce their environment impact as well as CGI rendering production costs with a lower carbon footprint compared to London, New York, Amsterdam and Paris.

Moreover, RVX can take advantage of renewable low-cost power and scale the number of HPC cores needed for each project by joining with Verne Global’s data center campus, allowing quick deployment of digital applications and faster visual effects of complex films.

In general, the film and digital media industry depends on the power and infrastructure at data centers. They are critical to delivering complex data sets created by the studio and production teams. By hosting HPC render farm at Verne Global’s campus, RVX now has maximum flexibility in business operations and can focus on creating stunning visual effects, said, Jeff Monroe, CEO, Verne Global.