National Instruments to renew Green Engineering Grant program in 2012


National Instruments to renew Green Engineering Grant program in 2012

Greentech Lead America: National Instruments will renew
its Green Engineering Grant program in 2012.

The grant awards engineers and scientists developing
systems that could make a significant contribution toward a clean energy

The deadline for grant applications is November 1, 2012,
and grants will be distributed by January 2013.

In the last two years, the program assisted more than 40
companies for developing control and measurement solutions in the renewable
energy market.

The program helps small companies and research groups
around the world with up to $25,000 in software and training for graphical
system design tools and techniques.

The grant assists the creation of innovative solutions
that can address today’s complex renewable energy and electrical power
challenges associated with the advancement of smart-grid, energy storage,
electric vehicles and grid-tied power electronics control systems.

“The NI Green Engineering Grant program is helping
clean-tech startups get the training and graphical system design tools they
need to accelerate the crossover to the era when clean energy is cheaper and
more abundant than fossil fuels,” said Brian MacCleery, principal product
manager for clean energy technology at National Instruments.

“Thanks to NI hardware and LabVIEW system design
software, we were able to use a single integrated development environment for
everything from FPGA and real-time targets to user interface and diagnostic
PCs,” said Richard Jennings, software engineering manager at Xtreme Power.

Grants are designed for companies or groups planning to
use LabVIEW system design software and reconfigurable I/O (RIO) hardware to
rapidly develop and commercialize their green technologies.