IDEXX achieves LEED Gold accreditation for new Corporate HQ

Lavallee Brensinger Architects IDEXX Labs

IDEXX Laboratories, the pet healthcare firm, has taken occupancy of its new $35 million Synergy Center, accredited with LEED Gold, during the 30th anniversary.

The new building has achieved LEED Gold Certification for the eco-friendliness through its use of daylighting, energy conservation, green roofs and lower amount of toxin, locally sourced and recycled materials.

The Westbrook, Maine headquarters offers 750,000 square feet of office and laboratory space, with food court and wellness center, designed in accordance with the sustainability features.

For IDEXX, the first objective for the new building was to create increased opportunities for IDEXX employees to collaborate, allowing movement of ideas across multiple disciplines.

Lavallee Brensinger Architects IDEXX Labs
The features of the design includes the strategic location of meeting spaces, food, and wellness center all at the heart of the new building’s main circulation.

The second aim was to capture the dynamic spirit of IDEXX through flexible and adaptable spaces. Multiple pilot areas were assembled to design the navigable, interchangeable workspace arrangement enabling workers to optimize their work environments.

The next goal focused on the exterior of the building, which can be defined as innovative, scientific and purposeful, without being flamboyant.

To complement its corporate, high-tech exterior, the fourth design goal was a warm interior that emphasizes commitment to employee wellbeing.

The final challenge was to provide adequate parking, within walking distances, without harming the natural environment and to achieve this, new parking lot was added at the end of a path that travels through new landscaping and conserved wooded areas.

Ultimately, the best measure of the building’s success will be the experience and enhanced productivity of its users. If the collaborative thought, skill, and care that produced this facility offer any indications, IDEXX Laboratories’ new Synergy Center is certain to exceed all expectations.