IBM tapped to make Madrid City smarter through environmental analytics

The City of Madrid and IBM through its subsidiary INSA, announced an environmental services management project designed to improve city life in Madrid, Spain.

Using IBM’s Smarter Cities technology, this initiative will help improve the efficiency of services and provide citizens new tools to interact with the city council.

The contract, with a value of 14.7 million Euros will use Big Data and analytics to manage and pay each service provider based on service levels. This is part of an effort to improve public services management such as street maintenance, lighting, irrigation, green spaces, cleaning and garbage and waste management.

The City of Madrid is highly populated and produces one million tons of waste and use some 15 million cubic meters of water every year. The city manages around 1.7 million vehicles, 252,000 streetlights and 287,000 trees in the city.

Ana Botella, mayor, Madrid, said, “The City of Madrid is working on the principle that innovation enables better services providing quality life for citizens.”

Working with IBM’s subsidiary INSA, the City will measure the quality and efficiency of each supplier and their services. Inspectors will measure more than 300 key performance indicators and will use a technology platform, Madrid iNTeligente (MiNT), Smarter Madrid with improved service quality, communications anticipate issues and coordinate resources.

By using mobile devices and social media, citizens will be able to communicate with the city about issues, receive instant feedback and track progress.

Marta Martínez, general manager, IBM, said, “Other European cities will be able to follow Madrid’s model being the first country with public services integration service. The City of Madrid has relied on IBM Group for this initiative.”

The platform will also integrate other data from devices, cameras, from inspectors, human resource management data, job scheduling and geographic information systems.

MiNT will be built upon IBM Intelligent Operations and IBM Maximo software which will manage Madrid’s assets.