BioSolar unveils BioBacksheet integrated photovoltaic panels


BioSolar unveils BioBacksheet integrated photovoltaic panels

BioSolar, the developer of a technology to produce
bio-based materials from renewable plant sources that reduce the cost of
photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, announced it demonstrated BioBacksheet
integrated PV panels at the GovGreen Conference held in Washington DC.

GovGreen is the marketplace for
government purchase decision makers looking for green solutions.

“PV panel manufacturers are quickly learning that
BioBacksheet is more robust than traditional multi-layer backsheets, as well as
being a truly green product. BioBacksheet presents a highly attractive proposition
to those PV panel manufacturers seeking ways to improve their products and
reduce costs,” said Dr. David Lee, the company’s CEO.

BioBacksheet is currently the only USDA certified PV
backsheet for preferred purchasing by federal government agencies. The panels
were produced by four PV manufacturers that are currently considering
commercial use of BioBacksheet.

A recent UV exposure test has revealed that the
resilience of BioBacksheet in the presence of destructive UV radiation is
markedly better than traditional multi-layer laminated backsheets currently
used by the PV industry.

“BioSolar’s highest priority right now is assisting its
prospective PV panel manufacturing customers to integrate BioBacksheet into
their panels for full panel UL certification,” said Dr. Stanley Levy, chief
technology officer, BioSolar

“Another important priority is helping those solar panel
manufacturers who seek additional evidence that BioBacksheet will remain intact
after prolonged exposure to various harmful environmental effects such as
ionizing UV radiation,” Levy added.

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