Ameresco Quantum implements major energy efficiency project at Oregon Reed College


Ameresco Quantum implements major energy efficiency project at Oregon Reed College

Greentech Lead Canada: Ameresco, an energy efficiency and
renewable energy company, has commenced the work on a comprehensive Energy
Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) for Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

The $5.4 million ESPC is expected to help the college
save in excess of $2.7 million over 10 years through campus-wide operational
and energy efficient upgrades while reducing its annual CO2emissions by 2.65
million pounds.

After recently celebrating its 100th anniversary,
Reed College recognized the value of a thorough evaluation of the 960,446
square feet of campus buildings. The administration looked to significantly
reduce the college’s environmental impact by minimizing energy use, maximizing
equipment life, and maintaining and improving on the livability of their
building environments.

By providing the college with an accurate existing
condition assessment from their meter-based Total System Evaluation (TSE)
method, Ameresco Quantum was able to identify and prioritize major improvements
to eight buildings plus campus-wide lighting and water measures to support
recognized operational and sustainability goals.

Ameresco Quantum identified potential energy savings
measures including campus-wide interior, exterior lighting and plumbing
upgrades, as well as installing a more energy efficient and controlled HVAC
system. In addition, new energy efficient technologies will be installed on the
campus-wide boiler system, including HVAC controls, and the installation of a
new energy dashboard for stricter monitoring and regulation of the campus-wide
steam system.

Recently Ameresco Quantum also partnered with Portland
Public Schools as well as 17 of Washington’s 34 community and technical
colleges, for which Ameresco Quantum has obtained nearly $7 million in energy
and operational savings grants from the Washington Department of Commerce.