UNEP official issues statement on Paris Agreement coming into force

Climate change Paris

Isabelle Louis, acting regional director, UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, issued the following statement on Paris Agreement coming into force.

The Paris Agreement coming into force, following the ratification by 55 Parties accounting for 55 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, is an important moment in history. It is also historic that it is coming into force within a year of its adoption by countries. This fast-track ratification is a clear indication of countries’ commitments to address the climate change and their recognition that actions can no longer be delayed.

The Asia and the Pacific region made significant contribution towards this milestone, with half the countries in the region, among them major global emitters, having ratified the Paris Agreement. UN Environment Asia Pacific looks forward to other countries doing so soon.

But the work has just begun and countries need to move quickly to implement commitments to reducing emissions in their Nationally Determined Contributions submissions.

UN Environment will continue to work with Asia-Pacific countries to develop solutions for climate change and stands ready to support countries in realizing their Nationally Determined Contributions.