India positive for Paris 2015 climate change negotiations

Prakash Javadekar

New Delhi, Jan 10 India was positive of a good outcome at the Paris 2015 climate change negotiations which must yield an agreement to keep the global temperatures from rising over two degrees Celsius, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said Saturday.

“We are very positive of the Paris 2015 outcome. We want it to come out with a good outcome which will help the earth to mitigate the challenge of climate change and keep the global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius,” Javadekar told women journalists at an interaction at the Indian Women’s Press Corps.

Prakash JavadekarHe said the year 2015 was the year of climate negotiations as he urged developed countries to not disrupt the momentum gained in Lima last year.

Lima 2014 was a move forward in the global climate change negotiations, while India placed innovative ideas that were well received by global partners, Javadekar said.

“India was proactive, positive, and we put up new ideas on the table at Lima,” he said.

Javadekar said global partners at Lima 2014 supported “our idea of joint collaborative research to fight climate change”.