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Vestas V155-3.3 MW wind turbine

Vestas receives order from Ares for Bella wind park in Italy

Vestas has received an order from Ares for the 52 MW Bella wind park in Bella, in the Basilicata region, Italy. The wind contract includes the...
Vestas office

Vestas wins deal for Windplanblauw Onshore project

Vestas announced that SwifterwinT op Land, a collaboration of more than 170 residents and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, has placed a 207 MW order for...
Vestas V155-3.3 MW wind turbine

Gruppo selects Vestas for Cairo Montenotte wind project

Vestas announced that Gruppo FERA, through its subsidiary Aleramo Srl, has placed a 20 MW order for the Cairo Montenotte wind project, located in Cascinassa, Liguria, in northern...
Siemens Gamesa wind turbine deal

Siemens Gamesa to supply 5.X platform for Sao Vitor wind farm

Siemens Gamesa has signed a 465 MW deal with Patria Investments to supply its Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform to the Sao Vitor wind farm. The wind farm...

Vestas secures 63 MW order for wind projects from Statkraft

Vestas has secured a 63 MW order for two wind projects from Statkraft, a leading renewable energy producer in Europe. Statkraft has a significant portfolio...

Vestas signs deal with Casa Ventos for Babilonia project

Vestas has signed an agreement with Casa dos Ventos for the 360 MW Babilonia project in the cities of Morro do Chapeu and Varzea...
Vestas Asia

Vestas receives order for Landtong Rozenburg wind project

Vestas has received an order from Eneco Verda B.V. a leading company in the Dutch and Belgian energy sector for the 34 MW wind...
Vestas Philippines

Vestas wins 34 MW order for Arjang NV2 wind project

Vestas announced it has won a 34 MW order from Rabbalshede Kraft AB for the wind project Arjang NV2 that will be located in...
Vestas Asia

Phu Dien selects Vestas for Nhon Hoa wind farms

Phu Dien has placed orders from Vestas for the two 50 MW projects Nhon Hoa 1 and 2 Wind Farms in the Gia Lai...
Vestas Asia

Vestas selects Enel X to accelerate electrification of company fleet

Vestas Wind Systems has signed a partnership with Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, to accelerate the electrification of its...




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