Valeo at 2019 Shanghai International Auto Show

Valeo presents electric vehicle prototype at Shanghai auto show

Valeo is presenting its low-voltage (48 V), all-electric urban vehicle prototype, at the 2019 Shanghai international auto show. The two-seater electric vehicle can reach speeds of up...
Porsche Taycan factory

Porsche reduces CO2 emissions per vehicle by 75% since 2014

Sports car manufacturer Porsche has reduced the CO2 emissions per vehicle by more than 75 percent since 2014. Porsche also reduced the corresponding energy consumption by...

Duke Energy plans $76 mn investment in EV business in North Carolina

Duke Energy has proposed $76 million investment in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in North Carolina to boost EV adoption across the state. Duke Energy in...

Ionity to set up 400 charging stations in Europe

Ionity, a joint venture of Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler and Ford, aims to set up 400 charging stations in Europe by end-2020, Reuters reported. Ionity’s charging...
Green vehicle Middle East

France to invest $790 mn to boost electric car battery industry

France will invest 700 million euros or $790 million over the next five years into projects to boost the European electric car battery industry...

Batteries Europe launched for sustainable battery value chain

Dominique Ristori, director general for Energy for the European Commission, has launched Batteries Europe, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries to drive research and...
Tesla battery storage packs

Volkswagen to install Tesla battery storage packs at charging stations

Volkswagen unit Electrify America will install Tesla battery storage packs at 100 plus charging stations in the United States to keep costs down for...
EV Safe Charge

Indonesia EV policy to offer incentives to foreign car makers

Indonesia is finalizing a new electric vehicle (EV) policy that will offer fiscal incentives to foreign car makers, Reuters reported. “Our target is for 20...

Corvus wins energy storage deal from NES

Corvus Energy has won deal from Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) to supply lithium ion battery-based energy storage systems (ESS) for five new all-electric ferries...

Volkswagen to make EV batteries and charging stations in Germany

Volkswagen will manufacture electric car (EV) batteries and set up charging stations in Germany, Reuters reported. Volkswagen would invest 870 million euros or $985 million...




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