Developed world can’t backtrack on Paris agreement, say BASIC countries

Uncertain of what the near future beholds in terms of financial curtailing if new US administration keeps its words and rolls back on climate...
diesel car

How to boost your car’s fuel-efficiency?

Making your car more fuel-efficient does not only help you save a substantial amount of money, it can also reduce carbon emissions and contribute...
Energy usage in cities

Cities must act to achieve climate and development goals: IRENA

Cities now have an unprecedented opportunity to transform and decarbonize their energy supply and use, says a new report from the International Renewable Energy...
sustainable innovations

Sustainable Innovations turns CO2 to fuel with energy storage option

Sustainable Innovations announced it is developing an electrochemical system that addresses multiple challenges and opportunities in the energy supply marketplace. The CO2RENEW converts waste CO2 and...
COP24 summit in Poland

World Bank announces $200 bn investment for climate action

The World Bank on Monday announce $200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25, doubling its current five-year funding, PTI reported. Developed countries aim to...
climate change protest in Amsterdam image by abc.net.eu

India struggling to find right laws to fight climate change

Soaring pollution levels, crippling floods, quivering Richter notes to scores of environment laws awaiting their implementation - this, in short, was India's environmental standing...

Protectionist trade policies should give way to climate-friendly measures

National governments should take a closer look at the ways in which trade can help spread the use of green technologies and therefore to...

Public group calls for ban on pollinator toxic products from Amazon

Over 30 environmental and public health groups, joined by several environmentally conscious businesses, sent a letter today to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, urging him to remove products...
Climate change Paris

Paris Climate agreement to take effect in 30 days: UN

The Paris Agreement on climate change is expected to enter into force in 30 days after it crossed "the second and final threshold" needed...

COP22: Least developed, island nations call for greater action

The island nations, least developed and developing countries on Thursday voiced their concerns and worse fears on climate change, and reminded the developed countries...




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